My eyes in Ionian tears
Standing at the gate
For ages, your return await my fears
Through the flames of Troy
And the betrayal
Babe, your city was burning
And the sea is raging
Beyond the wave
I can hear Calypso’s moaning
As she reaches climax
In appreciation of your unfaithful art
Damned to the abyss
I welcome the blazing tide
To silence my pain
Shuts her up
I’m fucking Penelope
For ages I await your return
Pushing them fuckers away
Lit my dreams
You are all I can think of, babe
So let me know
Will you pick up my bow?
Accept the challenge?
Step into the beam
Or let me rot here
At the gate of your kingdom
For the contentment of them vultures
Everything behind the odyssey
Nothing to their eyes
But our muse
Our duality
Sets one foot in the light
Casting the other into the darkness
The right in white
The left in Hell
At ending the Cycle, should we fail
Our remains good for the spoil of the scavengers
Our legacy for the delight of immaterial

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