Fireproof (translation of French poem « Ignifuges »)

To the ones that grieve : this world needs you more than ever. 

I resist to the dark rising  tide
Hit hard by the surf
I struggle
The sea burns and arises in a tsunami of flames
About to crush my willpower
The war pounds my eardrums
I barely hear your call
Follow me to battle
Seamarks were meant to be your references in the storm
Wavelets lick my wounds
Before retiring to the open sea
Presage of a possible retribution
Of which alone Poseidon possesses the gift and understanding
Salt workers harass my eyelids
Down in cascades to my words
Straight out the tarred lexicon of bitterness
To flee, to seek refuge
Sheltered behind the fireproof rocks
My immersion will set this bleeding world ablaze
While it gives way to emptiness
From the cénotes to the Mariana
The circumstances arm themselves to the teeth
All of us take willi-nilly
The waterways that lead us indubitably to the reef
Common punishment
Filling the fault
Separating our realities
Our failure
I would rather take the groundswell between the shoulder blades
Rather than in my ventricule
The blood stained sand
Washed of my troubles
I would leave
Carried by the waves of anonymity
In hope that one day
Adrift offshore
I will reach your coast
And there, through the inlet of our creation
By the fusion of us two
We would reunite our languages

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