Pensée #45789413800

Comment veux-tu me connaitre si je suis toujours moi-même à le découverte de qui je suis?

La question n’est pas réthorique.

Whatever, je vais courir ma demi poutine et mes cinq (5) mousseux! 😉

Case closed (definitely!)

To you, just so you know….

Once upon a time, I looked into your eyes for a split second. They were green and I was charmed.

Then you became cold and distant to finally vanish into the horizon, melted along the skyline and dripped slowly into the tumult of my sea.

Never to return…

Never to return.

I will never tell you, you will never know, that you were the reason my sun was rising.

But it was a mirage, nothing more than a vain hope.

You know, time always makes it clear, and it appears we all belong to some place: I’ll go back dancing with the gypsies and you can keep on pretending freedom and liberty with the bourgeois. In the end, the barricades will be erected on your side of the world, and everybody knows that your sky is the limit.

Yet, the one thing I know is that truth and love will always prevail and I would shamefully lie to myself if I’d say I’ll no longer whisper your name in the depths of my most unconscious and uncontrollable dreams…

… but the case is closed and it lies cold.

With all my love still, and sincerity, but above all with dignity,